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Commerical Buildings

Logic Buildings designs Integrated Building Automation Solutions to reduce environmental impact, shear energy costs, improve building security and safety. Our goals is  to help building owners succeed in increasing performance and lowering costs in their facilities.

Industrial Buildings

Recent research has proven that 30% of energy is wasted in industrial buildings every year. Optimizing a building’s energy systems eliminates this waste and dramatically reduces energy costs. Smoothly integrating essential systems simplifies everyday challenges, significantly trims the bottom line, combats downtime, and saves both time and money.

Education Buildings

The most conducive environment for teaching and learning demands upkeep. Energy efficiency, comfort, health, safety and usability of educational facilities are more easily met, sustained, and coordinated through cutting-edge technology, ensuring a secure and productive environment for faculty and students.

Residential Buildings

Logic Buildings provides control and confidence, giving you the means to target specific zones, maximize energy saving potential, reduce maintenance needs, increase security, and ensure that your essential equipment and systems are working at their best and most efficient.

Government Buildings

While over 50% of government buildings are over fifty years old, It’s import for the public servants to be vigilant about public expenditures and take full advantage of opportunities to support cleaner, more sustainable energy. Logic Buildings helps bring about improvement to energy efficiency, comfort, security, and maintenance requirements through user-friendly technological innovations.

Healthcare Buildings

With the growth of building control systems, Healthcare facilities can enjoy easy management of their facility while saving energy. Logic Building assist in creating a safer, healthier, more comfortable environment, with lower operational costs, less environmental impact, and ease-of-management.

Hospitality Buildings

The physical management of hotels, restaurants and casinos is all about controlling cost, comfort and safety. Logic Buildings provides building management tools to allow remote accessibility, precision control, and collection of useful data. This makes the environment cost-effective, enjoyable and secure.

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